How We Met

Elisa was trying to avoid guys for the evening, so she went to a "cereal party" where she thought that only girls were invited. Chad was trying to avoid girls for the year, so he went to a "cereal party" where he thought he wouldn't know anyone.

Chad and Elisa pretty much hit it off right away. Except that Elisa thought that Chad hated her. And Chad still was intent on not getting close to a girl. And Chad's comments made Elisa cry that night. It was a storybook introduction.

More About Chad

Anyone would be lucky to associate with Chad, but now I have the winning excuse to monopolize his time.

At 29 ripe years of age, Chad has a history worth taking notice. He is the oldest of five kids and though one might not brag about growing up in Idaho Falls, the freezing temperatures and far from civilization local sure did him some good.

Chad attended George Washington University in Washington DC where he graduated 2nd in his class in computer science. With only one course left to complete his Masters degree at the University of Washington he plans to continue his schooling and get a doctorate degree in his field.

During his undergrad studies, Chad took a two year break from his passion of de-bugging computers to serve full time as a missionary in Northern Brazil. As a result he speaks Portuguese fluently.

Chad is now working at Microsoft doing really important things that I would really butcher trying to explain — basically he is a software programmer. When he is not problem solving on the computer for work or play, he pursues some less nerdy entertainment by eating good food, playing outside, diving into literature, traveling to fascinating places and teasing me.

At the risk of sounding completely sappy (which is true, I'm smitten) Chad is far more than I ever hoped for and some would say I have my sights set unreasonably high. Wow, did I get lucky!

Chad is brilliant, responsible and wise. He is driven. He makes me laugh and is a blast to be around. He cares about being and becoming a better person. Just being around him elevates me. I cannot wait for you all to meet him. Prepare to be impressed.

More About Elisa

Elisa's family is from Sammamish, WA. They live about 30 minutes farther away from Chad's house than he would like.

Elisa has a 1000-watt smile and a personality to match. If you don't believe that then you obviously haven't met her. She becomes friends with every waiter and salesperson that she comes into contact with.

Elisa has done two years of school and has been working in event planning. She was going to move to Utah in January to work on her degree, but she let Chad beg her to stay. She was on an LDS mission until last June. (Her six-month anniversary back was the day Chad asked her to marry him.)

Elisa is too young for Chad, but who's counting.

Elisa is the most adorable and affectionate girl in the world. And she's taken now. Sorry, guys!